Every shot Tiger Woods hit in Round 1 at Farmers

In the opening round of the 2017 Farmers Insurance Open, Tiger Woods had a rough return to the PGA TOUR making his first birdie on No. 10 then dropping six shots in a six-hole stretch to finish with a birdie for a 4-over 76.
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  1. Anyone have the video from later that day when he "played" in the Waffle House Four ball. I heard he really went low.

  2. most of you just don't get it. Tiger did what he had to do to save his aching body and swinging at less than 110 percent makes sense. Once he finds his perfect rhythm I believe he will win again.

  3. Tiger's swing is fricken terrible now!! He's always trying to save it when its way to late at impact. Idiot! Play a fade Tiger!! Your not good at the draw ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Not really that bad was it, he had some great shots finished well on 18. I would love to see him back competing and getting in the final groups.

  5. He's just a bit late on every swing; and when he's early, you can safely find the ball in the left rough. That swing is just a tad inside. I like the fact that he's standing closer to the ball. Keep playing Tiger, you'll get there.

  6. Woods has zero chance of winning another major considering that the level of competition today is significantly better than when Eldrick was Tiger and winning against a weak talent pool. This is not to say Tiger is not a great golfer but he did not contend with the likes of Palmer, Player, Watson and Trevino (to which Nicklaus came in second 11 times). In comparison, Tiger came in second 6 times to players with a total of 8 majors. In his second place to YE Yang (who the heck is he) it it was apparent that Tiger choked on the Sunday back nine. Nicklaus' 17 under in the Masters with persimmon woods and a balata ball was at least as good as Tiger's 18 under with forgiving clubs and a hot ball. Now that they have "Tiger Proofed" Augusta Jordan Spieth was still able to shoot 18 under. However, the current golf commutators say Tigers 18 under was better because he beat the field by 12 strokes. A better assessment of the two 18 under rounds at Augusta is that Tigers competitors were weak. In as much as Tiger folded to YE Yang he would be expected to turn to JELL-O when up against Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Rory, Bubba, Henrick Stenson, Jason Day and the rest of the current young guns.

  7. He was horrible with the woods. Look where his drives ended up and all of the bad lies he had on his 2nd shots. No one else could've shot 4+ with those lies. His game looks fine besides the long clubs. If he really desires, he can fix this and compete again. Assuming no health issues.

  8. Tiger: word of advice: start with a four iron off the tee, then, if you consistently hit the fw start using a three iron off the tee, then, if you continue to hit the fw start using a three wood off the tee, then, finally, but only if you can hit many many fw with your three wood, start using the driver. What you are doing with the driver looks ridiculous.

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